Wednesday, 18 May 2016

USCIS Translation Service


The cap for the H-IB visa category has already been filled early this year, as happens every year. You don’t have to give up hope and assume that’s the only way you can get to live and work in the United States. There are other options, like becoming a student again or if you have sufficient cash in the bank apply for an investor visa.

Once you have decided what the easiest way is to enter the country, you will have to gather all the required documentation before filing your application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). This is the government body responsible for screening applications for anyone who wants to come and reside in the United States. They don’t make it easy either.

You will have to supply police clearance certificates for you and your family for any countries you have resided in the past, medical certifications stating your health meets the specified criteria, a job offer or sponsorship if you intend getting a job. If you wish to be a student you will need your accepting college/university letter and if you intend to invest money in the country you will have to provide proof of money available.

The points mentioned above are the easy part of the application process as you probably know exactly where you stand in relation to those requirements before you even consider whether you have a chance of being accepted. 

Next, if your native language is not English you will have to find a translation company who offers a USCIS translation service. This is a special sort of translation and it has to meet tough criteria as defined by the USCIS. First of all, the translator has to be able to provide a signed certificate with every document he or she translates that states that the translation is accurate. 

It might seem obvious that any paid translator should be able to sign to say he or she is competent but you will be surprised to find that unless the translator has had some experience or training in the criteria for the providing of a USCIS translation service it’s not difficult to make mistakes.

First of all, each document translated, especially if it is a certificate, needs to mimic exactly the original in terms of layout. For example, if there is an official government stamp on a birth certificate which is located at the top on the right hand side that is where it must appear on the translated document.

This makes it easier for the officer at the USCIS to identify the parts of the document and therefore speeds up their job. Next, the translator must provide a signed certificate stating that the translation is an accurate translation of the original document. As long as you have chosen a translator who is familiar with and understands the requirements laid down for a USCIS translation service you should have no problem getting your translated documents approved. For more information please visit Uscis Certified Translation Services.

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